Here is another pir sensors types, can be used for motion detection..

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What would you say are the key differences between these sensor types?


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I would suggest to as google..

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Which sensor can I use for straight line?

for example if I cross the first step I need to trigger it , as PIR gives a wide range it can’t be used. Can you please suggest any other sensors maybe IR.


1.1meter range

2.straight line

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Just my 2 pennies from playing with the 602 and 505.

602 worked very well for me and very sensitive, though I may try and adjust that but lets see.

I am debating about fitting a photo resistor (its in a led type package) to turn it off when its bright upstairs.

505 I had no luck working correctly as it seemed to hold the lights on for some time.

Maybe I was using this one wrong or then its broken as I bought it from Aliexpress.

Next is 501 when I get some time.


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As an alternative to PIR sensors there is an IR barrier type IR-2Y0A21. (80cm range)


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